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Windemere Ridge Trail

Windemere Ridge Trail

Windemere Ridge Trail

Crosby Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582


Directions: At the intersection of Bollinger Canyon Rd and E, the Windemere Ridge Trail starts. Parkway branch. Dougherty Station Library has adequate parking. To enter the trail, walk across the intersection.

Trail: The Windemere Ridge Trail, which starts across the street from Windemere Ranch Middle School on East Branch Parkway near Bollinger Canyon Road, is a 2.1 up and back course. The trail is concrete and is a grazing place for cattle. The path follows along the rolling hills of the Dougherty area after an initial steep incline with spectacular views of the valley. For walking and running, the Windemere Ridge Trail is perfect. For young people, the trail is perfect for acclimatizing to hiking.

Description: In San Ramon, California, the Tassajara Ridge Staging Area has gone to the dogs. It's here that Windemere Dog Park can be found. Set in the Tassajara Hills, this dog park is on the eastern edge of the San Ramon suburbs. This park offers local pups a safe place to enjoy some pawsitive socialization and glorious freedom from off-leash. This will help keep the physical and mental health of your fur-baby in tip-top shape!

Right next to where the Tassajara Ridge Trail starts, you will find Windemere Dog Park. This nearby trail welcomes leashed dogs, and if you and your puppy would like to continue the adventure and explore the surrounding hills, it offers some more options. With a chain fence, the dog park is completely enclosed to ensure optimum protection for your best friend. There are also two different zones, one for small breeds and one for bigger men. The soil is sandy, so after rain, it dries fairly easily.

Benches and a shelter where you can meet up with the other pet owners, doggy waste bins, and doggy drinking fountains are several other features. All you need to bring is a favorite ball or frisbee for your dog! At times, the dog park can be quiet, but even if there are no other playmates, you're guaranteed a tucked out pup after a good game of fetch. You'll find plenty of free parking at the Tassajara Ridge Staging Area nearby. There are no bathrooms in the dog park, but in the parking lot, there are porta-potties at the start of the trail. As long as you follow a few basic ground rules, dogs are welcome to play in freedom here.

If not inside the fenced-off area, please make sure your doggo stays leashed and is still picked up afterward. To make sure they play along with others, keep an eye on your puppy. Windemere Dog Park is the place to go for a secluded dog park with nearby trails and a scenic backdrop!



This amazing landmark is just one of the many throughout San Ramon, California:

  • Tassajara Ridge Staging Area
  • Forest Home Farms Historic Park
  • Central Park
  • Red Willow Park
  • Mill Creek Hollow
  • Inverness Park
  • Old Ranch Park
  • Canyon Lakes Golf Course

All of these wonderful destinations are located just a short distance from our location on Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Robert Arnone CPA.




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