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Individual Tax

I help individual clients prepare taxes taking advantages of income, deductions, and credit opportunities afforded in the tax code. I will provide a tax questionnaire, and organizer to help you assemble the information and documents necessary for preparing your taxes. We may send each other documents by using a secure Portal, traditional mail, or over an in-person appointment. Next, I will prepare your federal and state tax returns. Finally, with your approval I file them with the taxing agencies using e-filling services which saves you time and hassle while hastening any refunds owed directly to your bank account.

Small Business Tax

I will prepare tax returns for your business entity, whether you are a Trust, LLC, Partnership, S Corp, C Corp, S Corp or sole proprietor. If you are contemplating a new enterprise I am also able to walk through the advantages and drawbacks of each form. Let me help you take advantage of the tax saving opportunities your business is entitled to.

Tax Planning

I provide tax planning services to help you take advantage of opportunities in the tax code to reduce your future taxes. The focus of my proactive Tax Planning Service is to minimize your tax liability and increase your after-tax wealth. First I meet with you to understand your specific financial needs and objectives. Next, I develop tax planning strategies that help minimize your tax burden while achieving your financial goals. I do not use a cookie-cutter approach because you have unique, circumstances, needs and goals which deserve a uniquely tailored set of tax planning strategies. The Tax Planning Service for individuals and small business is comprehensive, including investments, charitable contributions, home ownership, investment real estate, saving for college and retirement, estates, trusts, stock options, marriage and divorce, family businesses and small business revenue, expense, deductions and credits planning. Tax planning adds value by preserving wealth. Let 's talk.