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Tassajara Ridge Staging Area

Tassajara Ridge Staging Area

Tassajara Ridge Staging Area

12295 Windemere Pkwy, San Ramon, CA 94582


Tassajara Ridge Trail Loop is a moderately trafficked 15.8-kilometer loop trail located near San Ramon, California, which has beautiful wildflowers and is ideal for all levels of ability. The trail provides a range of possibilities for operation and is available year-round. Dogs are capable of using this trail as well.

If you are looking for a quiet hike and a great place to be, though as others have said quite a lot cows graze nearby and in the area - sometimes they purposefully stand on your way to say Hi - many of us are simply too busy to greet “Moo Moo” and have to choose alternate paths.

Hike has some parts that are decent grades. For example, if you take the first left after starting - you will be treated to an earthen walkway where you can go really high up (not rock climbing or anything but just very steep grade). Those are really fun! 

Open, private parking lot with a good amount of parking spots. Dog park located close by. The main attraction is the trail that leads up to the mountains. Beautiful spot to sit back, and enjoy the beautiful environment of San Ramon.

Absolutely stunning view of sunset/sunrise. Has a path, not a trail to hike up, and explore. Watch out for the cows!

It is simply a serene and calm place, open area to hike or take a walk, with excellent views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Plenty of cows, sky, and grass for company, plus the occasional deer, rabbit, or coyote. No tree cover; dirt trail. Again, watch out for cow dung. A neighborhood favorite, and perfect setting for a jog or easy hike.

There are plenty of "branches" - other trails that dive into the nearby neighborhoods which make this a great progressive trail for someone that wants to work their way up.

There's also an amazing climb about midway through to keep the old' ticker happy as well.





This amazing landmark is just one of the many throughout San Ramon, California:

  • Forest Home Farms Historic Park
  • Central Park
  • Red Willow Park
  • Mill Creek Hollow
  • Inverness Park
  • Old Ranch Park
  • Windemere Ridge Trail
  • Canyon Lakes Golf Course

All of these wonderful destinations are located just a short distance from our location on Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Robert Arnone CPA.


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