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The Athenian School

The Athenian School

The Athenian School

2100 Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd, Danville, CA 94506, United States


The Athenian School is a private preparatory college and boarding school in Danville, California, United States. This school educates grade 6–12 students on an approximately75-acre (300,000 m2) campus at the Mt. Diablo foundation, situated in Northern California's San Francisco Bay area. Athenian was created in the year 1965 by Dyke Brown (1915–2006).


It is made up of about 175 middle school students (grades 6-8), also known as the lower school, and 355 high school students (9-12), also known as the upper school. Around 60 students and 18 teachers stay full time on the campus. The average size for this class is 16.


The entire family is interested in a true community of lifelong learners and the Athenian School is committed to providing opportunities for parents to get interested. Whether by volunteering your time, attending sporting activities, contributing products to the auction or being involved in the Athenian Parent Association (APA) they welcome everybody’s participation. The parent population is overflowing with talent and energy and they appreciate everyone’s contribution.


The faculty and staff are more than mere workers; they are society pillars. There are several positions for Athenian faculty and staff: instructor, mentor, coach, counsellor, partner and supporter. Athenian's teachers live the School's values by bringing to the classroom their varied experiences and advanced educational backgrounds, along with a dedication to nurturing the particular interests of their students.


The Athenian School is conscious that true multiculturalism and diversity need the spirit of equality and inclusion to promote a positive learner culture.  It emphasizes capacity building around empathy, appreciation of context, criticism and questioning, knowledge of oneself and acknowledgement of environmental rights.  Learning and life are enriched if with reverence and understanding we are able to venture into the intellectual space of others. Their aim is to develop the capacity of the students, faculty and staff to enhance their cultural knowledge and establish community.


The school is among 10 Bay Counties League-East campuses. The colors of the school are terra cotta and earth; the orange and black worn by the sports teams.

Athenian's men's varsity soccer team won the conference title, conference tournament for the first time in school history along with the California NCS Division II state championship in 2019.


Wrestling, soccer, volleyball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, tennis, dance, golf, swimming, track & field, cross country, sailing, basketball, baseball, badminton, and a number of other non-team sports including biking, fencing, yoga, outdoor activity, and weight training are also offered there.


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