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Sycamore Valley Park

Sycamore Valley Park

2101 Holbrook Drive, Danville, CA 94526

Situated on Holbrook Drive and the Camino Tassajara, Sycamore Valley Park has a children's playground with a famous outdoor fountain, a reflective waterfall pool and a jogging track that passes through the park. There are eight picnic tables and barbecue pots in the picnic area adjacent to the baseball diamonds (entrance on Sherburne Hills Drive). Additionally, a new group picnic area next to the bocce ball courts for up to 65 people has been added. 

Sycamore Valley Open Space Regional Preserve has two main ridges situated on the south side of Mt. Diablo within a region of rugged hills and valleys. Heights range from about 600 and 1,000 feet. FromI-680 on Sycamore Valley Parkway, exit at San Ramon and go east. Camino Tassajara is converted into Sycamor Valley Avenue. Follow the route to Holbrook Road. Continue along the lane. Turn left Holbrook Drive and park in the field where the assembly takes place. The path is normally unsafe for wheelchair users because of its steep slope. The Sherburne Hills Road Sycamore Valley Park has convenient wheelchair toilets and a soda pool as well as car park sections.

The Sherburne Hills Unit is nearly completely grasslands and the Short-Ridge Unit is mostly grasslands, with sparse oak savanna with valley oak trees, live coastal ash, and buckeye trees. These habitats are provided by rodents, racers, Northern Pacific ratlesnakes, scrub jays, west bluebirds, northern orioles, lazuli buntings, and loggerheads (which also occur on the southern unit). This ecosystem also includes gopher snakes, race cars. The dense trees in the northern unit include breeding red-tailed hawks and crescent owls and shelter quail, desert turkeys and gray fox in California.

The deep gullies of the Preserve plunge into the river Sycamore. Situated in the preserve, these seasonal drainages together with many wetlands provide small wetland habitat for garter snakes, Pacific tree frogs and red-legged frogs. Drainage includes ruby-crowned kinglets, chestnut chickadees, vireos, warblers, red winged blackbirds and big blue herons. They also support goats, rabbits and deer species, and birds. The northern harrier, the Coop hawk and the white-tailed kite were among the raptors seen hunting in the preserve.

In those hot summer days, a shade structure was applied to the bocce ball courts. New play equipment for children of all ages, including recently installed bikes, swings and slides, as well as children's pool at the play area has been added.  In the column on the right, you will see the water feature FAQs.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location, Robert Arnone CPA.




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