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San Ramon Valley Christian Academy

San Ramon Valley Christian Academy

San Ramon Valley Christian Academy

220 W El Pintado Rd, Danville, CA 94526, United States


The San Ramon Valley Christian Academy offers 2-year-old through 8th grade education for children in which students can grow spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically based on God's Word reality. As a CPC Danville organization, SRVCA is supported and enhanced by its partnership with this church supporting body. You can rest assured that SRVCA is a safe, secure and nurturing environment for your child to thrive as you consider schooling options. 


SRVCA offers a Christ-education that academically, morally, socially, and physically empowers students to fulfill God's purposes for their lives. The aim of SRVCA is to direct all students through excellent and biblically integrated academics, competitive sports, creative technology and a demanding fine arts curriculum to achieve their God-given potential.


The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) dually accredit the Elementary / Middle School curriculum of SRVCA.


SRVCA aims to cultivate the passion of a student for Jesus and the Word of God, while offering excellent individually crafted instructional programmes. When parents and educators come together to nurture this next generation, SRVCA is a place where children will flourish during this growing season, blooming into all that God made them to be.


The SRVCA curriculum is structured to provide a hands-on learning experience that meets the needs of the whole child, with a focus on creating a self-image based on Christ. To foster a young child's eagerness to learn, learning centers are thoroughly filled with toys, manipulatives and instructional materials. Daily biblical activities focused on children, interactive environments, and as many media of creative expression as possible will provide opportunities for children to thrive in development. They work with parents to help preschoolers realize God's great love for them and feel it.


The classrooms deliver an enjoyable, age-appropriate educational environment that allows preschoolers to discover their world safely and with confidence.


The Two Year Old Class offers your child the first preschool experience. The Purple Room offers a caring, supportive atmosphere where learning is ideal for growth and is great fun. Our teacher-child ratio is 2:10, giving us time to pay more one-on - one attention to your kids. Our curriculum is well thought out and implemented, but versatile enough to allow us to fulfill your little one's unique needs.


In gradesK-5, students in core academics build a solid base to sustain a lifelong passion for learning. Experienced teachers lead the students in enrichment classes including PE, Music, Painting, Spanish, Computers and Library, delivering excellent academics while recognizing and respecting the individual needs of the students. The aim of the Bible curriculum is to help improve the relationship of a child with Jesus through age-appropriate object lessons, scriptural memory and special projects.


Elementary students take part in enrichment activities intended to provide an extremely well-rounded curriculum for the children. Each week, students are given the opportunity to strengthen their skills and cultivate their interest in the fields of art, music, technology, STEAM, Spanish, and library events.


In Middle School, their STEAM enrichment curriculum provides students the opportunity to explore additional areas of technology such as coding, 3D modeling, robotics and digital media development. Students apply their technology skills to develop a deeper understanding, to solve problems, to independently think and evaluate, and to work more efficiently by collaborating with classroom instruction on projects.


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