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Osage Station Park

Osage Station Park

816 Brookside Drive, Danville, CA 94526


Osage Station Park is popular for its beautiful, historical pink garden and a play area for the kids and a train station. This park of 35 acres includes four tennis courts, four parks, several football fields, and a path around the park. You will reserve tennis courts and sport courts. There is an additional car park next to the tennis courts, off the Orange Blossom Way. The 20 picnic tables and 5 barbecuing pitches are near the playground for children and can be reserved. The park is named after the Osage Oranges Farm, where three Orange Osage trees now grow in the park. Osage Station Park is just a short distance from the Iron Horse Trail, which was once a rail line, as the name suggests. The initial theme of the park was the existence of the railway. There's something for all in this 35 acre park! It has picnic areas, a rosetti garden and a park road, tennis courts, baseball diamond, football fields. The playground is an interactive, accessible and healthy playground where kids can let their imagination run wild! The old western subject of the playground relates to the history of the old train. In addition the area is a youth play area, with a dock, a casino, a saloon and a jail; in addition the slides of embankment, mining themes of the season, flashing railway cross-arms, ascension barrels and a rib-surfaced "mesa" (table for children) are the main elements of the area.

In early 2016, the park was closed for the public. Existing buildings were removed and replaced by new quality constructions, both in the play areas and picnic areas. During the renovations. The' Old West' threaded park has playgrounds for multiple age groups as well as new safety areas across the city. Parents should relax on a colorful gardening bench or have a picnic at one of the many tables in the neighbourhood. The rose boxes have also been upgraded and made more accessible to disabled people.

Osage is home to hundreds of vibrant, floral roses that will flourish in the first bloom of the season at their finest and most. The flowers surround a part of the park and provides visitors with a long range of beauty and quiet. According to John Teixeira, park superintendent for the city of Danville, the garden consists of 1,417 memorial rose bushes and 91 more roses celebrating military veterans. The park is behind the playground to the west, the highway is on the east and the middle of Charlotte Wood triangle is located to the south. We are on the south side.

In wooden plant boxes which were all bought for holiday presents, except as climbing roses along the fence line and some trellised roses. Teixeira and his workers pruning the season, fertilisation, drainage, whilst the rose gardens are standing idle and planting from April to November.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location, Robert Arnone CPA.




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