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Monte Vista High School

Monte Vista High School

Monte Vista High School

3131 Stone Valley Rd, Danville, CA 94526, United States


Monte Vista High School is a comprehensive high school in Danville, California, USA. It is both a National Blue Ribbon School and a Prestigious School of California. It is wholly accredited by WASC. The school is located in the San Ramon Valley, about 35 miles east of San Francisco, and is part of the Unified School District of San Ramon Valley. 


The school is fully WASC accredited and offers University of California A-G approved College Preparatory Courses. In 2014 the school offered 23 courses for Advanced Placement and 7 courses for honors. The school also provides training courses through the National Occupational Centers and Programs Association of California.


Back in the day there was no highway in the Area, the town was busy with cowboys and area settlers, and the students rode horses to school.  With population growth following WWII, the 680 freeway was extended from Walnut Creek to Danville in 1964, and voters approved SRVUSD in 1965, and Monte Vista was created.  


Monte Vista was created with 200 students from Freshman and 13 teachers.  The campus opened in January with several buildings and a stunning view. Students took poetry lessons in the meadow and auto shop, bird watching, home ec and electronics including reel to reel and video players were included in the program. Through the school and the first full varsity season in 1968, the sports program expanded with a season-ending win over cross-town rivals San Ramon and the launch of the annual trophy. 


School culture in the 60s and 70s was full of spirit-the marching band led by baton-twirling girls, Musty the mascot was two people as front and back of the horse, and both student and teacher wore red and black on Fridays.   This was a western country surrounded by fields and a horse corral across the street, rather than a car park.


Campus of 17 buildings in Monte Vista today houses 2,450 students, 110 teachers, 60 staff members and 4 administrators. Monte Vista High School students bear the Mustang's past and future with them.


Monte Vista claims quality education is a joint obligation involving students, staff, families and the community.  They value a healthy, equitable, satisfying and diverse atmosphere in which students are challenged as responsible, resilient and committed citizens to attain their highest potential.


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