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Diablo Vista Park

Diablo Vista Park

1000 Tassajara Ranch Dr, Danville, CA 94526, United States


This 20 acre park is known for the mosaic water snake running up a mountain. From 680 (north or south) exit at Crow Canyon Road East. Go 3.9 miles. After intersection with Indian Rice Road (the light after Dougherty) continue straight and make next possible right hand turn into park.The park features a playground for girls, a sand volleyball field, an open picnic area, light sporting grounds and two tennis courts. The sports fields, the tennis courts, the picnic area and the snack shack are all available for rent. The Diablo Vista Park park is great for children under 4. The pint-size climbing systems in this park, bucket swing and wide sandy field are well known as "Snake Park."

The park consists of three spaces: one with small buildings; the first with a structure to climb and toboggans and the other with swings. A large tile snake is the center of the park. The serpent, which is surrounded by fountains and a cement pad, slit down a hill and offers climbers many different routes. Children who climb the snake are treated with the view of the park from the bird's eye. Do you have a younger child who wants to explore? The Diablo Vista Park playground is ideal for children under and under 4. The pint-sized climbing frames, bucket swings, and large sandy areas of this Park are affectionately known as Snake Park and are perfect for kids. The park contains three play areas: the first has small buildings, the second a climbing platform and slides and the second has swings. The 20 acre winding park is known for its mosaic water-snake. The park has a playground for children, a picnic area, sunny fields, volleyball court and two tennis courts. You can rent sport grounds, tennis courts, picnic area and snack shack.


A big tile snake is the center point of the park. The serpent, surrounded by fountains and a cement base, slites down a mountain, provides several different routes for pint-sized climbers. Children who go up a snake are provided with the view of the park from a bird's eye.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location, Robert Arnone CPA.



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