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Del Amigo

Del Amigo

Del Amigo High School

189 Del Amigo Rd, Danville, CA 94526, United States


Del Amigo is a small alternative school in the Unified School District of San Ramon Valley that also meets the criteria of a high school continuation. It began with an initial enrollment of nineteen students in September 1969 and has expanded to house 100 students at present. Del Amigo provides the appropriate subjects for a high school diploma, as determined by the State and the Unified School District of San Ramon Valley.


The school works to instill a sense of pride in its students which encourages them to have faith in their ability to succeed in school and life. The school group takes decisions at Del Amigo and keeps each other accountable collectively. In an atmosphere where both teachers and students feel comfortable and valued by the district, they aim to provide the students with the skills and resources required to accomplish all they can.

Del Amigo enrolls students in high school who are at least 16 years of age who need help to get back on track for graduation.  Many students apply to Del Amigo due to academic failures or a willingness to attend a school in a smaller environment that can meet the individual needs of students in smaller classrooms. The school is located in the village of Danville, in the San Ramon Valley, a suborn community about 35 miles east of San Francisco. A high percentage of its inhabitants are both corporate and technical executives.

Del Amigo gives students who have not been successful at the comprehensive high schools a Common Core-based program. The student achievement and progress was assessed at the end of each grading session to assess acceptable class placement for the corresponding grading period. The English and Math classes are offered at varying levels of difficulty.

For students to graduate, they must earn 210 credits (courses completed with a "B" grade or better). Requirements will include four years of English, two years of mathematics, two years of science, three and a half years of social science, two years of physical education, one semester of fitness and two years from two of the following: foreign language, fine art, or technical/visual performing arts.

The attendance is for the students and their guardians. Families should be mindful of the district's loss of revenue due to extended or regular involuntary absences. Parents and students should be mindful of the attendance policy and should obey the laws and regulations regulating attendance. Students are to attend all classes and events to which they are assigned and be punctual. Absences and tardiness are counterproductive to learning the students and raise the risk of failure.

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