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City Center Bishop Ranch

City Center Bishop Ranch

City Center Bishop Ranch

6000 Bollinger Canyon Rd Suite 2650, San Ramon, CA 94583



From 1891, when the Southern Pacific Railroad opened its San Ramon branch, the momentum of the Tri-Valley region toward a hub of culture, commerce, and community began to take off.

The Origins of a Ranching Community

Making an unexpected start, Bishop Ranch's roots trace the way back to one of the earliest divorce cases in Northern California. In 1891, Thomas Bishop worked as an attorney in splitting a Mr. and Mrs. Norris, finally being compensated in 960 acres of magnificent, sprawling farmland. In the ensuing decades, the property was expanded by Bishop and his family with pear trees, walnut groves, and sheep herds.


Early 1900s

The Largest Single Bartlett Pear Orchard

Planted in 1911, the Bartlett pear orchard of Bishop Ranch developed to be known by the 1940s as the world's single largest orchard. At the same time, the San Ramon Community Hall drew one welcoming spot for plays, dances, and school programs in the many surrounding ranching families — an early ancestor for what was to come.



The Start of a Model City

San Ramon expanded its scope greatly with the completion of the I-680 freeway, one of the most well-traversed thoroughfares in the Bay Area. Western Electric, capitalizing on this new accessibility, purchased Bishop Ranch, proposing the creation of a so-called "model city" with a master-planned collection of parks, housing, shops and more, marking the transition from an agricultural hotspot to a new era of expansion and development.



Sunset Development Purchases Bishop Ranch

Sunset Development purchased Bishop Ranch from Western Electric in 1978 leading the transformation of the town to a stunningly scenic, suburban destination. Jobs and new housing continued to grow along the Tri-Valley area and along with them, Bishop Ranch expanded.



Growth & New Ventures

In 1983 San Ramon was incorporated as a new city, and a year later Chevron moved to the campus of the Bishop Ranch. Not far behind, Pacific Bell has completed to date the largest corporate relocation in the history of the United States, bringing 7,500 employees into the city.



America’s Premier Corporate Location

With an office , retail and hotel space of 10 million square feet, Bishop Ranch came into its own as one of America's leading corporate locations, complete with a dedicated transportation center as part of Bishop Ranch's award-winning transport management plan.



Investing in the Future

Bishop Ranch debuted the new San Ramon City Hall in 2016, solidifying the site as a focal point for regional and local leadership. In autumn 2018, City Center Bishop Ranch launched a new age in an ever-innovative destination built to represent the neighborhood it resides in and become a true symbol for the Tri-Valley area of the Bay Area.





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