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Magnolia Square S.C.

Magnolia Square S.C.


Magnolia Square S.C. 

2005 Crow Canyon Pl, San Ramon, CA 94583


The Middleton Group has redesigned the exterior of this nine-suite Summerville, SC business center to create a more sleek and welcoming feel. All entrance doors were replaced with glass, new wood-slat architectural entry features and sunshades were added above the windows, and a new fresh coat of paint was applied to produce this much-needed face-lift. Their entire team also worked with structural engineers and landscape architects in order to build Magnolia S.C 's complete new look. As well as offering interior up-fits to meet new occupant requirements for some of the current suites.


TENANT                  SQFT

  • Ulta                      -------- 10,709
  • On Fire Artisan Pizzeria        --------  1,916
  • Fashion Nail Salon              -------- 1,236
  • Available                  --------- 2,467
  • Sharkey's Cuts for Kids          --------- 1,005
  • Brightfox Education              --------- 1,505
  • Kabila Restaurant              --------- 5,289
  • Baskin-Robbins              --------- 1,200
  • See's Candies              --------- 1,336
  • Pacific Service Credit Union   --------   1,370
  • Starbucks Coffee              -------- 1,365
  • Fat Maddie's Grille              -------- 1,147
  • W Salon                  -------- 1,093
  • Poke Roll                  -------- 1,160
  • North Beach Deli            ---------  869
  • Hertz Local Edition Corp.    ----------      1,130
  • Sunrise Bagel Cafe            ----------  1,350
  • Petco                    ----------  10,000


It is definitely a great place to grab something to eat. Pizza, burgers, poke, ice cream, sandwiches, chocolates, coffee, pasta and a whole lot more. All of the restaurants here serve good quality food. Parking spots are a little tight, so sometimes it's a bit difficult to find a good spot, since a lot of people love to visit Magnolia Square S.C.






This amazing shopping destination is located near the following site in San Ramon, California:

All of these wonderful shopping destinations are located just a short distance from our location on Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Robert Arnone CPA.